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I'm on tumblr now. Check it out:
I'm on inPRNT too !!…
... for the Daily Deviation I got last week, and to all the people who came by and left a message, faved something or added me to their watch, The community here on dA is really awesome. Getting a Daily Deviation does to a dA account traffic what Gold Nitro does to JP's ride (…) so I never got a chance to reply to all the comments and questions. Here's a few lines to address the most recurring ones:

- Sorry guys but there will probably never be a followup to the Razzmatazz first issue, Although I have a few ideas about where it could go, it's more something I did as a portfolio example of my sequentials (it's what got me the gig on Hellblazer), and besides I have other ideas I want to develop at the moment, which leads me to...

-Yes, I am currently writing stories for most of the original characters I've been drawing recently. I will talk about it more here once things are more fleshed out and I have a better idea of the format.

Thanks again and have yourselves a great 2013 !
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I recently joined a bunch of cool artists for a thing we call OUTLAND collective . Go check it out!
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Hi folks,
Hellblazer#284 is coming out today.
Check it out.
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Recently finished the art for Hellblazer#284, which should be in stores in a few weeks (more about it soon).
That gave me a bit of time to finish some drawings I've been meaning to do.
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  • Reading: Yaxin, Animal Man, The Anthology Project 1&2
Exciting stuff coming up !

After many years spent working on video games, I finally got to professionally try my hand at comic books.
I just finished drawing issue 280 of Hellblazer for Vertigo and it'll hit the stores on June the 15th.

Next step: building a time machine and going back to show it to the 12 years old me.

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Hello visitors,

Thanks to everyone who's been following the Razzmatazz story, and thanks for all your messages and favs. Got to show the book to some editors at the New York Comic Con, and the response has been pretty positive. Over all it made me feel like I was on the right track with this storytelling thing.
More of it soon but in the meantime it's... Back to the drawing table.

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Hello visitors,

A few months back, I was asked by an editor to do some sample comic book pages.
I was initially planning on doing 6 or 7 of them, but having a few ideas for a story and talking about them with a talented script writer friend of mine led me to start co-writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring, and designing an actual 32 pages comic book.

Lots of late nights and a pretty intense crash course in storytelling later (been reading loads of Alex Toth, the guy knew a trick or two), I'm finally done.

I'll be posting the story a few pages at a time in the next few days.
Hope you'll enjoy.

Hello visitors,
Finally got to start my Deviant Art page, hope you'll enjoy.
More to come soon.

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